Noob Starts a Blog on the Internet, Immediately Regrets

Hello world

However goddamn disgustingly cliché that heading above what you are reading right now is, it is here to stay. What do you want from me? I am just getting started on this blogging thing all the kids (read; me) are doing these days. So you will read that heading and you will accept it in all its cheesy in-joke-from-before-the-eighties glamour. Gosh, you are so hard to please. I mean, it is 2016 – are memes still a thing you kids are into, or is it now only a thing you are into ironically? I mean, I don’t know what all this Pokémon Go stuff is all about, but if you do not find my content acceptable, I ask you to kindly Pokémon Go away. By staying here you are making things less cool by tainting everything with your prescence. Okay, that was a bit mean, but I only tell you this because I care about you. You are probably wondering where I am going with all this. The answer may not surprise you.